Benefits of Sensory Tools

Research demonstrates utilising Sensory Tools can benefit learners in multiple ways:

  • Develop and improve fine motor skills - by using smaller muscles in hands needed for rolling, clicking, turning, twisting, constructing , holding, squishing and many more
  • Improve Gross motor skills – by using whole body muscles through mixing, squashing, pressing, stretching, pulling, grabbing, squeezing, etc
  • Improve hand eye coordination - processing information to coordinate movements required learning how to operate and use various tools
  • Boost visual processing ability to make sense of their world and how things work
  • Improves focus – sustain appropriate attention to complete daily work/class tasks
  • Increases working memory – retaining information in their memory to follow simple directions to create  or problem solve a task given.
  • Sky rockets self esteem –  can thrive in their learning when they experience SUCCESS as 'Busy Fingers' allow 'Focused Minds'.
  • Encourages creativity – learn to take risks through experimenting and using a variety of sensory tools and how they work.