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Classroom Pack

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This specially designed 'Classroom Pack' has been created by our experienced teachers to aide in the enhancement of your child's learning at school! Each of these effective fidget tools are quiet, discreet and provide movement opportunities for your child without distracting those around them.  

How can fidgets help children learn?

Studies have shown that by allowing students to manipulate a variety of textures and providing exercise and hand/finger movement opportunities can positively impact learning and behaviour.

Students are able to release restless energy using fidget tools whilst allowing their brains to focus on concepts taught in the classroom setting.

This 'Classroom Pack' is a collection of tactile and interactive sensory tools jam-packed with all your fidgeting needs! 

An excellent resource for those who display tendencies relating to ADD. ADHD and individuals with OCD or high stress/anxiety levels.

All your sensory tools are packaged in a beautifully presented box for easy storage and portable to take with you anywhere!

Sensory Tool benefits include:

  • Develop and improve fine motor skills 
  • Improve Gross motor skills 
  • Improve hand eye coordination 
  • Boost visual processing ability 
  • Improves focus 
  • Increases working memory 
  • Sky rockets self esteem 
  • Encourages creativity 

This 12 piece collection includes:

  • 3D Magnetic Cube Puzzle
  • Metallic Fidget Spinner
  • Wriggly Caterpillar
  • Nee Doh Shaggy Ball
  • Snake Cube Puzzle Maxi
  • Bubble Tea Buddies Backpack Clip
  • Fruit Mochi
  • Stretchy Doodles - 5 Pack
  • Wacky Track
  • Kreamy Putty Scented
  • Marble Mesh - 2 pack
  • Neon Step on Wheel Liquid Timer

Recommended Age 4+

Colours may vary due to stock availability. 

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