Pop Tube - Single

Pop Tube - Single

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S-T-R-E-T-C-H & POP!

An engaging sensory  tool particularly for those who crave louder sounding fidgets.


Listen to it pop as you stretch it up to four times its original length. Bend it into all kinds of shapes – Even connect it with other Pop Tubes! You can also stretch it all the way out and swing it around to hear it whistle!  Stretch, twist, turn, loop, bend and return to its original shape! Simple but effective!

Educational Tip:.

Pop Tubes provide tactile stimulation, auditory feedback and are a fun way to work on a range of fine motor skills.

Dimensions: Diameter 3cm, Closed length 20.5cm, Extended Length 65cm

Recommended for ages 3+ years

Note: Do not wrap around the neck or use it to restrict blood flow.

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