Smoosho's Jumbo Dino Ball

Smoosho's Jumbo Dino Ball

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This enormous, soft, stress ball is full of high quality Smooshos foam to give it a really wonderful soft and squishy feel. Its adorable, Dino design makes it very attractive to young children.

 It is like a massive marshmallow or cloud of softness that engulfs both your hands.

Educational Tip:

A fantastic resource for self regulation and social tension relief. 

Excellent for developing finger strength and fine motor skills. It doesn’t distract others or draw attention in the classroom setting

What skills are developed?

  • Encourages and improves fine motor skills
  • Improves finger grip
  • Increases finger strength
  • Improves thumb strength
  • Is a sensory tactile input for children and adults with Sensory Processing Disorders, Autism and ADHD
  • Increases a sense of calm as a manipulation tool to encourage self-regulation
  • Improves sensory awareness
  • Promotes focus and concentration

Dimensions: 12cm Diameter

Squishies typically have a plug/join where they were filled. This is its most vulnerable spot, so it is best to use the palm of your hand so the least amount of pressure is placed on the join. This will maximise its life.

Not recommended for kids who require intense sensory input or those who like to bite, chew or pull apart sensory toys. Avoid aggressive or excessive squishing, stretching and contact with any sharp objects.

Recommended Age 3+

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